Virtual League

Below is information regarding the program.

 San Diego Virtual League


Back again for another fun year!

Now is the time to join us for our Virtual League event during our regular play dates through the year.  This year the program will run Jan 1 - Nov 18.  Prizes are awarded at the annual holiday party in December.

Virtual League Entry Fee:  $20. This will enable us to purchase prizes for the Virtual League winners. 

Format:  During long course events, Virtual League participants will compete in the designated Virtual League game.   Game scores will be tracked for all players and the individuals with the best cumulative NET score for five of the games will be the Virtual League winners.  The league will be flighted, with the # of flights & participants in each flight to be determined based on total # of registrants and their indexes.  Flighting based on May 1 index.  Prizes will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (possibly more) in each flight.


  • To be eligible for prizes, you must play a total of five long course events PLUS one short course event in the calendar year.

  •  Scorecard: Keep your score during the round on a card; make sure it is legible, dated, signed and attested at the end of your round.  Put "VL" and the game name on the card.  Circle the holes for the Virtual League game and turn that legible score card in to the Event Captain before you depart from the 19th hole.

  • You must have a handicap index when you join.

Lastly, to be included in the Virtual League, you must register


If you have any questions about the Virtual League, please contact Melissa Bright,








How do I sign up to participate in the league?

Register on the Events page.  The cost of the Virtual League for the season is a one-time charge of $20.  This will enable us to purchase prizes for the Virtual League winners.

Which events are eligible for league play?

All long course events will have a game assigned to them except chapter championship, any match play event and other non-stroke events (e.g., a scramble).

How do I know what game is being played at each event?

We will rotate through each of the games throughout the year and the event captain will let you know which game is for virtual league prior to that event.

What do I do with my scorecard after finishing the round?

  • You can use the same scorecard for the Virtual League game as for the regular event and competitive ladder.

     To complete your game scorecard:

    • Mark your signed and attested scorecard with the name of the Virtual Game and the date.
    • Fill out your scores for all of the holes, not just the ones in the game.
    • Circle the holes used in the Virtual Game.
    • Turn your scorecard into the Event Captain, who will get all cards to the League Coordinator. 

What do I do if I miss one of the events, is there a “make-up” opportunity?

Because of the structure of the Virtual League, you only need to play five total long course events throughout the year PLUS one short course event.  If you miss one game, you simply need to attend a different long course event and play the game for that event.

With two long course events most months and several short courses, it should not be an issue to get your VL rounds completed.

Can I join the league after it has started?

Yes, you can join the Virtual League anytime throughout the year as long as there are five remaining long course events and one short course event left in the year.  You will see the Virtual League event on the website through August.  Ending registration in August should give everyone a chance to complete the necessary long and short course events.

What if I am playing in a Virtual League event and I am having a horrible round?

No worries!  Complete your Virtual League scorecard and turn it in to the Event Captain.  Remember, we will take only the lowest five NET scores from the long course game rounds you play to determine your cumulative score.