Rules of Golf

Rules of Golf

Chapter Championship Checklist

The Chapter Championship is coming around the corner.  You have taken lessons, practiced on the range, worked on chipping and putting. Let's add one other item on your tournament preparation.  LEARN THE RULES.

Want to know how to gain more confidence and save some strokes?  Learn the Rules of Golf. There will come a time in a round where the knowledge of rules will help you know to play a water hazard, out of bounds, drop a ball or know when to take relief. Improve your game on a different level.

LPGA Amateurs is here to help.  Use the following website to learn about rules, answer questions, read examples, watch videos, take quizzes, etc...

New 2019 Rules - LPGA Amatuers Rules highlight (pdf)
New 2019 Rules - USGA Videos
USGA Rules Hub